Trypp the Intrepid Traveling Elephant


March 19, 2011
Judy Duran, CTA
Contact:  720 270-5767;

Centennial, CO. Trypp the Traveling Elephant today joins professional travel planner, Judy Duran, to create unforgettable journeys.

Trypp will assist Duran with planning and escorting group travel; marketing; designing incredible and unique itineraries; leisure and cruise travel planning; fam trips; advising clients on travel issues and concerns; and contributing to Duran’s travel blog. “The blog,, was named especially for Trypp.”

With almost 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, Duran joined forces with Flat Stanley ( on a Los Vegas trip in 2009. “I immediately saw the advantages of traveling with a fictional character,” says Duran. “Stanley opened up doors and broke the ice. People who saw us together either had met him before or wanted to know who he was. I really had a lot of fun traveling with Stan and met a lot of people because of him.”

Duran has been searching for another travel partner and assistant since Flat Stanley returned to his second grade colorist, Sebastion, to attend Catholic School near St. Louis. After searching for more than a year, Trypp was selected to fill flat-footed Stanley’s shoes.

“My family has a long history of travel,” says Trypp. “My Pliocene ancestors, the Mastodons, started traveling in 35,502,376 BD. My Pleistocene Mammoth forefathers journeyed widely in their era and the family travel tradition remains active today.” Trypp notes the elephant participation in the annual Great Migration on Africa’s Serengeti Plain as just one example of the elephant’s remarkable travel stamina.

Of the many applicants applying for the position, Duran says she rejected several outright. “Lucky Leprechaun isn’t focused,” she says. “He is always chasing rainbows.”

“I couldn’t afford to offer Grizwald the Grizzly as good a benefit package as he is getting at Frontier Airlines.” She adds that the Evil Twin was a real troublemaker responsible for the overthrow of several governments, and “Not the kind of person I’d trust escorting a group tour in politically sensitive situations.”

Duran admits that she dismissed Hugh Jackman’s application as “A figment of my imagination.” “Trypp just rose above the pack,” says Duran.

“I have quite an extensive elephant collection and she makes an excellent addition. And she’ll work for peanuts.” “I feel right at home among Judy’s herd,” adds Trypp.

Duran noted the Elephant’s readiness to start work as a deciding factor. “She came to the initial interview with passport handy and trunk packed.”

Trypp’s first assignment with Duran commences next week when she travel to Costa Rica and cruises aboard the Wind Star with Duran and her husband, Pat, during their 40th Anniversary celebration. “I won’t impose on their time together,” says Trypp. “And with me along to do some of the work, Judy will have more time to enjoy with Pat.”

Trypp was conceived at Folkmanis Puppets in Emeryville, California, of African Elephant parents. Like most elephants, she claims to “never forget.”

“With her African roots, I like that she can walk a bit on the wild side,” says Duran. “I will really enjoy tripping with Trypp.”

“The unique perspective, background and extraordinary memory Trypp brings to the position is sure to have a mammoth impact on creating UNFORGETTABLE journeys for my clients.”