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April 10, 2011
Judy Duran, CTA
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Centennial, CO. Frontier Airline’s seasonal direct non-stop service from Denver to Costa Rica was recently lauded by professional travel planner, Judy Duran, and her travel partner, Trypp, the Travelling Elephant.  The Airbus 319 service was provided by Frontier tail, Pete the Pelican.

“It’s the only non-stop flight between Denver and Costa Rica,” says Duran.  “Our travel time between Denver and San Jose was just 5 hours.  On any other airline it would have been at least 8 hours each way.”

The Elephant noted that Frontier also offers seasonal non-stop service between Denver and Liberia, the closest international airport to the Guanacaste beach resorts along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.  “And from a multitude of other cities, Frontier has one-stop service through Denver to both destinations in Costa
Rica,” says Trypp.

“Connecting through DIA [Denver International Airport] with all flights arriving and departing on Frontier’s A Concourse is much more convenient than connections on other airlines through Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and the like.”

Frontier offers daily red-eye service to both destinations, allowing travelers to make the most of their time in Costa Rica.  In-flight soft drinks and juices are provided complimentary with alcoholic beverages, snacks and salads and sandwiches available for a minimal charge.  “The salads sandwiches are from Udi’s,” says Duran. “They are known throughout the Denver area for their fresh high-quality
salads and breads.”

Frontier and Midwest Airlines were both acquired by Republic Airways Holdings in 2009.  Shortly thereafter, Frontier began serving Midwest’s signature chocolate chip cookies during most of its flights.  “The delicious cookies were a welcome treat about 3 hours into the flight,” says Duran.  “They helped break up the monotony of a long flight and put a smile on everyone’s face.”


Sal the Cougar Profile

Favorite Play: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Hobby: Stand Up Comedy

Quote: “Aviation’s a tough business. It comes with a lot of baggage.”

Last job: Installed Mufflers. Found it exhausting.

Pet Peeves: Hecklers. Being called a Puma.  Shedding.

Words of Wisdom: “You only have nine lives. Make them count.”


Sal the Cougar, a long-time tail veteran of Frontier [see sidebar] provided the return Airbus service to Denver.  While Sal and the Pelican have not yet met, Sal insists that Frontier only hires the best.

“I haven’t heard his tale yet,” says Sal, “but rest assured his credentials are impeccable.”

Both Duran and the pachyderm recommend Frontier service to Costa Rica.  Asked if they would make any changes to Frontier’s Costa Rica service, Duran said, “Absolutely not.  I think it’s the best available.”

“I’d change the cookies,” says Trypp.  “Peanut butter is the preference of most pachyderms.”